Yoga for Men: Washington Post

Today’s article on why men don’t do yoga is trending well on the Washington Post website. I guess its a topic that everyone has an opinion on. I do like the idea of Lulucucumber.

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  • Chris Hairston

    Eric, Love the story of Men don’t do Yoga. I picked it up 4 years ago on VERIA television. I am 54 and yoga has made me a better athlete even at my age. I play Beach Volleyball with guys 1/2 my age and can beat most of them. I do yoga every morning, every day. 40 minutes. No more chiropractor or back issues. Women tedn to like social classes like yoga and Zumba etc. Guys prefer to work out alone. Yoga has changed my life, my body, and my soul. I have one teacher from Dallas TX, Kurt Johnsen. Never met him but everyday he leads me through a great workout. I also lift weights, bike, play racquetball, and Beach Volleyball. You article is right on the point of why men don’t do yoga. But it has enhanced my life so much I will never stop doing it. Again Thank You for the great article. Chris Hairston

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