Green Germany Turns to Brown Coal

Here’s a piece from my trip last fall to Berlin, and Germany’s increasing use of dirty brown coal to supplant its electricity needs published in Chemical & Engineering News.

Shale energy from Estonia

Here’s another feature for C&EN about how Estonia’s state energy company is hoping to expand its shale oil operations to both Jordan and Utah. I visited the northeast corner of Estonia to see the massive surface mines where brown-colored shale oil rock is stripped off the surface. It’s then either burned in the Eesti Energia power plant, or pulverized, heated and then refined into liquid oil:

Ocean Acidity and the Makah Tribe

Here’s my first feature for Chemical & Engineering News, a magazine published by the American Chemical Society in Washington. I flew out to Seattle in late January and met with Micah McCarty, the former tribal leader of the Makah. They live at the northwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula, right on the water. He’s worried about the effects of ocean acidification on shells they use for both food and ceremonies. There’s also a great video produced by C&EN with some of the video and stills I shot on our scramble down to the tidal rocks at Cape Flattery.