James Webb Space Telescope: Two Views

I made a bunch of trips up the 495 to Goddard this summer and fall to put these pieces together for The Washington Post and this month’s Wired Magazine. With an $8.8 billion pricetag, it’s quite an amazing project that won’t get off the ground until 2018.

Hip Replacement: Part Deux

Here’s a first-person treatment of my recent hip replacement surgery in today’s Washington Post.

Can genes protect you from brain hits?

My piece in this week’s Washington Post highlights new research about the link between certain genes and the likelihood of getting brain disease after getting hit in sports or during combat.

Finland Links Hygenie Hypothesis and Type 1 Diabetes

Here are the results of my trip to Finland and Estonia last summer, a look at the work of a Helsinki researcher linking the nation’s high rate of type 1 diabetes and its clean society. Published recently in The Washington Post.

Yoga for Men: Washington Post

Today’s article on why men don’t do yoga is trending well on the Washington Post website. I guess its a topic that everyone has an opinion on. I do like the idea of Lulucucumber.

Here Come the Warm Robots

Recent feature in the Washington Post about new developments in robotic sensing that allow devices to see and smell – and make decisions about where to go with that information: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/robots-are-getting-closer-to-having-humanlike-abilities-and-senses/2013/08/05/61cb3cdc-8d9d-11e2-9838-d62f083ba93f_story.html. Some are being used to detect leaks of gas at landfills, or mimicking the abilities of fish to stay in underwater currents.

Sandcastle worms and geckos feet

Here are some new bio-inspired devices coming out of research labs that make use of new nano-technology techniques to sort tumor cells, create surgical glues that work inside the body and electronics wrapped in spider silk that evaporate. From today’s Washington Post Health/Science section.

Behold the Cuttlefish and Its Power!

Fun story here in today’s Washington Post Health/Science section about cuttlefish and their powers of changing colors and camouflaging themselves even though they are color-blind. This came from visit to Roger Hanlon’s lab last summer at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Mass., where I was an environmental journalism fellow.

Drones for Science

Here’s a look at drones and their use by atmospheric scientists and others to scan the skies. It appeared in September in the Washington Post Health/Science page.

Batteries in the Post

Here’s my recent piece in the Washington Post on new battery technology – which is actually pretty interesting despite the financial problems of some of the bigger firms going after the EV market.