Wired Round-up

Should be posting more. Here are a few recent pieces from Wired.com:

Climate fight between House GOP Science Chairman and NOAA scientists.

-New Rules Coming for CRISPR Gene-Editing.

-Drinking in Antarctica.

-How Much Will VW Pay for the Diesel Emissions Scandal.

-VW Couldn’t Trick Thermodynamics and Chemistry.

James Webb Space Telescope: Two Views

I made a bunch of trips up the 495 to Goddard this summer and fall to put these pieces together for The Washington Post and this month’s Wired Magazine. With an $8.8 billion pricetag, it’s quite an amazing project that won’t get off the ground until 2018.

Estonian Robo-Mannequins to the Rescue

Here’s my piece in Wired Magazine from last summer’s visit to Fits.me, a Tallin-based startup with offices in London that is making it easier to shop online for clothes.