Reporting for Marketplace: 2006-2007

  • The separation of church and real estate: The Episcopal Church has been divided over issues such as gay rights, with some congregants leaving in protest. In Falls Church, Va., that split has come down to a property fight. Eric Niiler reports. (03/14/2007)
  • Private money now, public funds later: The FEC has OK’d presidential candidate Barack Obama’s request to raise private money for his campaign now, but switch to public funds if he wins the Democratic Party’s nomination. (03/02/2007)
  • Going after waste in defense contracts: With some tough talk, Senate Democrats introduced legislation today that would tighten rules on defense contractors. Eric Niiler reports. (02/15/2007)
  • Outlawing genetic bias in the workplace: Republicans were able to block it for over a decade, but Congress may finally be ready to pass legislation that’ll ban employers and insurers from discriminating against people based on DNA. (02/15/2007)
  • Introducing AFRICOM: Africa is finally getting a little recognition. The Pentagon is creating a U.S. command center for the region in order to, among other things, protect economic interests there — such as oil. (02/12/2007)
  • House probes global warming censorship:A House panel today investigated allegations against administrative officials pressuring federal scientists to keep global warming references from their research. Eric Niiler has the story from Washington. (01/30/2007)
  • Virginia’s not for donors: At least not anonymous ones. Lawmakers in the state are considering legislation that would ban anonymous sperm and egg donations, and that could raise prices for families trying to conceive. Eric Niiler explains. (01/30/2007)
  • Lobbying reform stalled: Former White House aide David Safavian was found guilty today of covering up his relationship with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. But even as the justice system cracks down on lobbyist influence, Congress still can’t police itself. Eric Niiler reports. (06/20/2006)